Bitter Black Bitch PRESALE

This book has been under development for over 20 years. In this book, the author confronts stereotypes of black womanhood, the current political climate, and how to survive-and THRIVE-

-no matter what life throws at you.

Throughout my life I've kept substantial records of my experiences and memories. I locked those writings away because they were much too painful to read anymore. As I grew older I began have nightmares which I later learned were recalls. I realized that I had lost a substantial amount of my memories. That's when I began digging through my old journals.

Including from my time in the mental hospital where I only had my notebook and a supervised pen.

All of these writings help me to realize what was happening around me and my life. Why did I constantly face betrayal? Why was there such calamity and disrespect in my family? Why did I feel so lost and have constant struggles with mental health and relationships?

I had to dig deep and figure out the way to my healing through a time of political, racial, and economic crisis. That became Bitter Black Bitch.

Yeah, I was bitter. I had every reason to be. I leaned into that feeling and the function behind said emotions. 

In this book are the tools that I used to save myself and everything that makes me a human being. I hope these tools will help you THRIVE when the world tells you you're not good enough to live at all.


Bitter Black Bitch


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